Books that changed Economic Thought

Big Government leads to
Serfdom an
d Poverty

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Update 01-09-2008

The best Social
is a Job
( Ronald Reagan )

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Books that changed Economic Thought
Critical Reviews of Basic Economic Theory
The most accurate, complete and uncompromising reviews on the internet

Adam Smith,  "The Wealth of Nations"  (Economic Theory)

David Ricardo,  Principles of Political Economy.  (Economic Theory)

Joshua Muravchik,   "Heaven on Earth"     History of Socialism

Martin Wolf,   "Why Globalization Works."    Market System Globalization

Part I,  Globalization of Market Systems

Friedrich A. Hayek,    "Road to Serfdom"    Socialism

Karl Marx,   Capital (Das Kapital - Communist Theory)

John Maynard Keynes,  "The General Theory of Employment, Interest & Money."

Friedman & Schwartz, "Monetary History of U.S., (1867-1960)," 

David S. Landes,  "Wealth & Poverty of Nations"  (Economic Development)

Understanding The Great Depression

David Kennedy,  "Freedom from Fear"

Controversies and facts

The Crash of '29

Rebound from Crash of '29

Collapse of agriculture (1930)

Debate begins (1931)

Collapse of international finance (1931)

Collapse of WW-I financial obligations (1932)

Collapse of governments (1932-1933)

Great Depression links

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