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The Essential
Economics & Business Principles explained
by Athens' best
economics Tutor
in 26 You-tubes of
of 6 minutes only
Economics & Business Principles (Youtubes)
Essential knowledge for  Economics Newbees, 
an excellent recollection
for expert students
and a must
for policy makers
Supply, Demand, & Elasticity
The basic law of Supply
&  Demand -Elasticity
audio on demand
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Free Audio Courses
from the World's Top Rated Universities:

Macroeconomic Analysis
  (Free audio Course from From the University of California, Berkeley)
Instructor Steven Wood  -   Fall 2006
  A study of the factors which determine
national income, employment, and price levels,
with attention to the effects of monetary and fiscal policy.
Visit the Course Website    (download course as pdf )

Mises Institute Home Study Course In Austrian Economics
Capitol Hill Podcasts (George Mason University)
The University of Princeton Channel
Chicago  podcasts

Learn out loud Business/Economics Podcasts  

Een unieke Nederlandtalige Reeks
van het Rothbard Instituut.

Koen Deconinck legt de wortels bloot
van de huidige financiële crisis.
Hij vertrekt bij de essentiële economische
inzichten en bouwt die stap voor stap op naar
de verklaring voor huidige depressie.

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