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Hans-Hermann Hoppe
today's leading libertarian philosopher
A selection of books, articles and broadcasts
by Hans-Hermann Hoppe
Free downloads of today's leading libertarian philosopher

Hans-Hermann Hoppe is an Austrian-school economist and leading libertarian philosopher. He is
German born and Professor of Economics at UNLV (Nevada), Distinguished Fellow with the Ludwig von Mises Institute, Founder and President of The Property and Freedom Society, and Editor-at-Large of the Journal of Libertarian Studies.

He is the author of several widely-discussed books and articles in defense of libertarian rights, based on the ethics theories of philosophers Jürgen Habermas and Karl-Otto Apel. 
Hoppe analyzed the behavior of government and defines government as "a territorial monopolist of jurisdiction and taxation". Assuming self-interest on the part of government officials, he concludes that these government officials use their monopoly privileges to maximize their own wealth and power. Hoppe provides historical data proving his theoretical assumptions.


A Theory of Socialism
and Capitalism

Kluwer 1989

Mises Institute reprint, 2007

Full Text   Reviews  Amazon link
 1989 Kluwer edition (PDF)

The Economics and Ethics of Private Property

The God That Failed

Preface to German Edition
(German version)

Preface to Polish Edition
The Trouble With Democracy

The Myth of National Defense

Essays on the Theory and History
of Security Production

(Mises Institute, 2003).

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hans herman hoppe mp3
A  Selection of  speaches and lectures
( Free mp3 broadcasts - format suitable for Real Player &  Windows Media Player).
In his traditional easy to understand, fluent and ironic style  Hoppe argues
why citizens would be much better of with less government...

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Theory and History   

 Mises and the Foundation of Austrian Economics
Mises University 2001 (1:15:52)
 The Austrian Method: Praxeology     
Mises University 2001 (58:49)
 Economics of Risk and Insurance    
Mises University 2001 (57:36)
 Law and Economics   
  Mises University 2003 (1:05:45)
 Protection and the Market for Security  
  Mises University 2001 (59:04)
 The Economics of Political Centralization    
 Mises University 2003 (1:15:52)
 World War I as the End of Civilization    
 The Impossibility of Limited Government: The Prospects for a Second American Revolution     (47:26)
 Democracy: The God that Failed
Pre-Conference Book Discussion: Democracy: The God that Failed (Transaction Publishers, 2001) by Hans-Hermann Hoppe (40:37) Austrian Scholars Conference, 2002
 The Myth of National Defense      (39:25)
 Marxist and Austrian Class Analysis    Recorded 10/15/1988 (47:15) Uploaded 05/28/2004
 Private Defense: Now More Than Ever
Recorded 10/15/2004 at Radical Scholarship: The Guerrilla Movement for Liberty [27:26] Uploaded 11/02/2004
 Economics of Political Centralization
Recorded 08/07/2004 [1:04:09]
 Money, Government and International Politics
Recorded at the Austrian Economics and Financial Markets conference at The Venetian Hotel Resort Casino, Las Vegas, 02-18-2005 [24:13]
 Money and Banking
Recorded 08/03/2004 [1:05:17]
 Protection and the Market for Security
Recorded 08/06/2004 [1:06:35]
 Law and Economics
Recorded 08/04/2004 [1:06:47]
Praxeology: The Austrian Method
Recorded 08-01-2005 [59:37]
 Mises Circle: From Monarchy to Democracy
Recorded 08-03-2005 [1:12:10]
 Law and Economics
Recorded 08-03-2005 [1:03:06]
 Economics of Risk and Insurance
Recorded 08-03-2005 [59:49]
 The Economic Doctrine of the Nazis
Recorded 10/07/2005 [33:38]
 The Economic Doctrine of the Nazis (video)
Recorded 10/08/2005 [33:49] You may download the file from the following location: http://www.mises.org/multimedia/video/ss05/ss05-Hoppe.wmv

 The Economics and Ethics of Private Property (video)
Recorded at the Authors Forum, Austrian Scholars Conference
(Auburn, Alabama) on 03/16/2006 [16:41]
 The Economics and Ethics of Private Property
Recorded at the Authors Forum, Austrian Scholars Conference
(Auburn, Alabama) on 03/16/2006 [16:03]
 A World Without Theft
Presented at the Mises Circle in Southern California (6 May 2006, Costa Mesa, California) sponsored by Louis E. Carabini. [39:51]
 The Mises Circle: The Indefensible State
Recorded 08-03-2006 [1:02:48]
 Praxeology: The Austrian Method
Recorded 07-31-2006 [55:43]
 The Origin and Nature of International Conflict
From the 2006 Supporters Summit: Imperialism: Enemy of Freedom, 27-28 October 2006, Auburn, Alabama [45:52]
 The Origin and Nature of International Conflict
Includes the presentation of the 2006 Schlarbaum Award For Lifetime Defense of Liberty to Hans-Hermann Hoppe, at the 2006 Supporter's Summit: "Imperialism: Enemy of Freedom,"
27 October 2006, Auburn, Alabama [49:00] This file is also available for download at http://www.mises.org/multimedia/video/ss06/Hoppe.wmv
 Introduction to "The Ethics of Liberty"
From the book "The Ethics of Liberty," by Murray N. Rothbard. Read by Jeff Riggenbach. [54:15]
 Introduction to "The Ethics of Liberty," continued
From the book "The Ethics of Liberty," by Murray N. Rothbard. Read by Jeff Riggenbach. [53:30]
 The State, the Intellectuals, and the Role of Anti-Intellectual-Intellectuals
Delivered at the Mises Institute's 25th Anniversary Celebration, 13 October 2007, in New York City. [23:22]

ipodThe comprehensive series of
Hans H. HOPPE'S famous lectures
" Economy, Society and History "
Free mp3 downloads - format suitable for
Real Player, iPod, Windows Media Player...

In this comprehensive series of 10 lectures Hoppe provides
the fundamental analysis and ethical as well as economical arguments
for private property, individual liberty and limited government.

Streaming Audio: Turn on speakers and Click the ► to listen  |   Right Click the MP3 file to Download
Part 1. The Nature of Man and the Human Condition: Language, Property, and Production
Part 2. The Spread of Humans Around the World: The Extension and Intensification of the Division of Labor    [1:22:40]
Part 3. Money and Monetary Integration: The Growth of Cities and the Globalization of Trade
Part 4. Time Preference, Capital, Technology, and Economic Growth
Part 5. The Wealth of Nations: Ideology, Religion, Biology, and Environment
Part 6. The Production of Law and Order: Natural Order, Feudalism, and Federalism
Part 7. Parasitism and the Origin of the State
Part 8. From Monarchy to Democracy
Part 9. State, War, and Imperialism

Part 10. Strategy: Secession, Privatization, and the Prospects of Liberty

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