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Update 14-02-2008

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Is on-line banking Safe ?
Lessons from the Northern Rock Bank Run

"Northern Rock", once a star of British banking and one of the largest mortgage lenders applied for emergency aid from the Bank of England to prevent a bank run. Instead, it precipitated one.

northern rock bbc

In the course of a single weekend, before the government guaranteed Northern Rock's deposits and police turned away panicky customers, the bank lost some $4 billion as customers emptied their accounts. As the Economist magazine notes, this was England’s first bank run since 1866.

The fact that customers also failed to access their on-line bank accounts,
causes widespread  doubts about  the reliablility of the online banking system in case of a major crisis and raises  questions also about the poor liquidity of deposits on on-line bank accounts.

More Youtubes on Northern Rock here

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The famous  TV Series  on free Market Economics
by Nobel Prize laureate  Milton Friedman 
rose friedman In this great series Milton Friedman explains his inspiring ideas on liberty, on free market economics, on limited government, limited public spending and low taxes.  The TV series is a complement to his masterpiece book of the same name co-authored with his economist wife, Rose Friedman. The series includes debates with dissenting economists.  It’s a fantastic lesson in forensics, very instructive, and a lasting source of inspiration. Comments by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronald Reagan, George Schultz, David Friedman and many others.

The Power of Choice
the full TV Series free online here:
free to choose milton friedman TV series