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Apr Japanese Currency Attack: Welcome to the Next World War  David  @  Mc Alvany Weekly Commentary
Apr ★★The Great Deformation: The Corruption of Capitalism  David Stockman @ The Cato Institute
Apr Investment Strategy: All Markets at the Cusp. A closer Look at FED activity
David @ Mc Alvany Weekly Commentary
Apr Why Cyprus is a global game changer for depositor safety  Egon von Greyerz @ King World News
Apr Dark Days Ahead For The World Financial System Danielle Park @  The financial Survival Network
Apr ★★The Keynesian Fallacies of Aggregate Demand and Stimulus  GP Manish @ The Mises Institute
Apr The problems arising from excessive money printing   Marc Faber @  The Gold Money Podcast

Mar Short-Term Risks and Long-Term Nominal Gains for Stocks Jim Puplava @ Financial Sense Newshour
Mar Cyprus: A 'Crisis of Stupidity' in Europe? Part II   @ Peterson-Perspectives
Mar Cyprus: A 'Crisis of Stupidity' in Europe? Part I    @ Peterson-Perspectives
Mar ★★ Václav Klaus discusses Europe's structural debt crisis  @  Vaclav Claus @  The Cato Institute
Mar Cyprus Takes Away The Security Blanket  @ NPR Planet Money
Mar Is the Fed Lying About Its Gold?  @  The Lew Rockwell Schow
Mar Mark Faber: Endless Government Manipulation  Mark Faber @ Mcalvany Commentary

Feb David Friedman on inflation and monetary freedom   David Friedman @  Goldmoney
Feb Japan's new daring monetary Policy  Franklin Allen @ Knowledge@Wharton
Feb Creative Destruction  @ BBC4  Analysis
Feb Allen Melzter Sees Crisis From Fed's multi-trillion dollar QE Allen Melzter @ Bloomberg

Jan How safe are our Banks ?  The political constraints to banking reform    Charles Calomiris @
Jan ★★ A Dissident view of the FED's Monetary Policy  A. Levitt interviews Dallas FED Pres. Richard Fisher @ Bloomberg
Jan ★★ How the FED and Crony Capitalism Corrupts Markets   David Stockman @ The Mises Institute
Jan UBS’s Matus Says FED QE Exit Strategy Is Worrisome   Drew Matus @  Bloomberg
Jan Serious Concerns about long term effects of FED's inflationary Policy  Sheila Bair  @ Bloomberg

Dec ★ Top clips of 2012  Steve Forbes and John Embry @ Mc Alvany Weekly Commentary
Dec ★ The End of Politics and the Birth of i-Democracy and  i-Money  Douglas Carswell MP @ The Cobden Centre
Dec Investing Tips From Jim Rogers - David Kuo @  The Motley Fool

Dec ★ The Myths and Mysteries of Modern Money  Andy Duncan @ Legalise Freedom
Dec 3D Printing: The Second Industrial Revolution is upon us 
James Corbett @  The Corbett  Report
Dec The Immoral Federal Reserve Lew Rockwell @  The Mises Institute

Nov Do Unemployment Benefits give the Wrong Incentives and deepen Recessions? Casey Mulligan @ Econtalk
Nov Paper Money Collapse: The Folly of Elastic Money and the Coming Monetary Breakdown  Detlev Schlichter @ FSN
Nov Germany's golden opportunity to institute a gold-backed Deutschmark  Godfrey Bloom  @ Goldmoney
Nov Dissenting voices at the FED  Mickey Levy  @ Bloomberg
Nov Ron Paul on sound money prospects in the USA    Ron Paul  @ Goldmoney
Scandals continue to plague Banks    The Financial Times
Nov John Locke on fair Pricing and Price Gouging  Mike Munger @  Econtalk

Oct Europe's 'Immoral' Welfare States and the Euro Crisis   Pedro Schwarz @ Cato Institute
Oct ★Why Debt-fueled investment Booms end in a Contraction of the Real Economy- Garett Jones (Irving Fisher) @ Econtalk
Oct ★ Disturbing Trend in the Labour Market: Disappearing Middle Class Jobs  Arnold Kling @ Transparency Revolution
Oct ★ The End of the Great Keynesian Experiment  Turd Ferguson @ Goldmoney
Otmar Issing:Can The Euro Be Saved? Political Promises are Dangerous for Europe's Future"  Otmar Issing @ BBC

Sep ★ A Fundamental Analysis of Europe's Debt Crisis: Origins & Outcomes  William Engdahl @ The Corbett Report
Sep ★ Democracy: the God that Failed Andy Duncan on Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s Book @  Legalise-Freedom
Sep ★★ Why Hayek was right and Keynes was wrong about the Business Cycle  Bob Murphy @  Goldmoney
Sep Investment Strategy in an enduring Zero-Rate Environment.  David Kotok & Robert Eisenbeis @  Bloomberg
Sep Bernanke's new Monetary Experiment: Massive Money printing ad Infinitum 
Financial-Sense-Newshour  =>Goto Site
Sep Agenda 21: The New World Order Plan to Destroy The Middle Class   Andrew Marshall @ Financial-Sense-Newshour
Sep The European Debt Crisis Providing Pretext For Global Government  Jim Puplava @   Financial-Sense-Newshour

Aug ★★ How Long can  the Dollar Remain the World's Reserve Currency?      Ron Paul 's Podcasts
Aug Possible Melt Down For U.S. Dollar  Richard Knowles @ Talk Digital Network
Aug Fed Does Not Have Means to Fight Inflation  Allan Meltzer @ Bloomberg Surveillance

Jul ★★ Systemic flaws in our Monetary System - Will Paper Money Collapse?  Detlev Schlichter @ Frisby’s Bull & Bears
Jul ★ How France & US caused a Global Monetary contraction and the Great Depression Irwin, Calomiris, Hamilton @ Cato 
Jul ★ An ordinary man's Diary of the Great Depression  Benjamin Roth @ NPR
Jul Does High Frequency trading favour the Bear Market? Alan Newman @ mcAlvany Weekly  

Jul ★★ Crony Capitalism and Aggressive Lobbyism  Luigi Zingales  @ Econtalk

Jun Why most Licensing Laws do more Bad than Good Planet Money @ NPR

Jun ★ How the Global Balance of Power Shift will Reinstate the Gold Standard  John Butler @ Cobden Center 
Jun ★ Real Austerity means Shrinking Big government and Keynesian Waste  Dan Mitchell @ Cato Institute
Jun ★ Your Money in The Euro Crisis:   Business Daily 21 June 12    BBC
Jun Lessons from the 1918 Break-Up of the Austro-Hungarian Currency Union   Planet Money @ NPR
Jun Satyajit Das discusses Spanish bailout & fears about German economy  Satyajit Das @  ABC News Australia
Jun Musical Chairs in the EuroZone   Cato Daily Podcast @ 
Jun Financial Derivatives : The Ticking Time Bomb  Simon Mikhailovich @ Financial-Sense-Newshour

Mai ★★ Peter Schiff: Beware the coming Dollar Crash: US Debt and Trade worse than Europe  Peter Schiff @
Mai European crisis spiralling out of controll - More debt and Eurobonds no solution  BBC World Business Report  =>Goto Site
Mai Weinberg Says European Banks critically Undercapitalized  Weinberg @ Bloomberg Surveillance
Mai Five Keys to Restoring Prosperity: An Interview With John Taylor  Mc Alvany Weekly Commentary  =>Goto Site

Apr Satyajit Das discusses Market Trends, China Slow Down and EuroZone Troubles  (min 17:30 =>) The Diciplined investor
Apr ECB Will Have to Buy Bonds Directly   UBS’s Faltin @  Bloomberg - The First Word
Apr The fundamental Causes of the Financial Crisis   Stephan Molyneux @  The Peter Shiff  Show
Apr The Euro has Always Been a Bad Idea - Portugal is next  Charles Dumas @  Bloomberg Surveillance

Mar The Tragedy of the Euro  Philipp Bagus  @
Mar ★ Why Nations Fail: The Origins of Power, Prosperity and Poverty Daron Acemoglu @ 
Mar Author Allen Meltzer Discusses his New Book, 'Why Capitalism?'  A. Meltzer @ Bloomberg on-the-economy
Mar America’s coming bankruptcy and how to save yourself.  Peter Schiff @
The Lew Rockwell Show
Mar Soft Landing or Hard Landing for China?  Satyajit Das @   ABC Australia
Mar ★ Money and Inflation: How paper promises led us into this debt crisis  Philip Coggan @ Money Talk - the Motley Fool

Feb ★ European Integration: What's Gone Wrong?   Richard Sulik and Doug Bandow @ Cato Events Podcasts
Feb ★ How The Money Traders got us in this Mess and became the Masters of the Univerve   Satyajit Das @ ABC
Feb ★The Euro: The Dumbest Decision Europe ever Made - No Painless Way Out Felix Zulauf @ Financial Sense Newshour.
Feb Republican Candidate Ron Paul and the Youth Revolution  The Lew Rockwell Show
Feb Unintended Consequences of well Intended Environmentalism  David Owen  @ EconTalk

Jan The Economic Failure Of The Euro ( Paul Krugman @ NPR )
Jan When Europe's Liquidity problems turn into a Solvency Crisis (D.Howden @ Cobden Centre)
Jan ★★ Monetary Policy: The FED's irrational fear for Productivity driven Deflation (Boudreaux @ Econtalk)
Jan Look at the Year Ahead: Debt, Rates, Stocks, China; US, Euro...  (Puplava, Dohmen & Weldon @ Fin.Sence)
Jan Unsustainable PIIGS Debt: Better a big haircut now than a larger one later @ (The Economist)
Jan The Life and Works of Friedrich Hayek  (Bruce Caldwell @
Jan (Government) Coercion is the Root of all Evel ( poverty, indoctrination, hate…) Stefan Molyneux @ Freedomain
Jan Private-Public-Partnerships(PPP's): Consumer vs Political wants & Eminent Domain Abuse (M.Scribner @ Liberty Week )
Jan The European Currency Crisis explained in layman's Language (Bob Chapman @ G. Gordon Law School)
Jan ★★ Monetary Policy & Trade Wars caused the Great Depression| Keynesian vs Austrian Analysis-   
Jan The EFSF: The European Bailout Fund without Funds   @  NPR     ★ EFSF structure here

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Mr Bernanke and Mr Trichet,
Please read this:
Your Rate Cuts & Cash Injections
do no longer reach the real economy ! !

We now hear almost every day that banks will not lend to each other, or will do so only at punitive interest rates. Credit spreads -- the difference between the government cost to borrow and what private-sector borrowers must pay -- are at historic highs. Ms. Anna Schwartz, co-author with Milton Friedman of "A Monetary History of the United States" explains that this is not due to a lack of money available to lend,  but to a lack of faith in the ability of borrowers to repay their debts.

"The Fed has gone about as if the problem is a shortage of liquidity. That is not the basic problem. The basic problem for the markets is the uncertainty if the balance sheets of financial firms are credible."   Ms. Schwartz here provides the evidence how to restore interbank trust and how to avoid the present financial crisis from develloping in a full blown depression. 


Bursting Bubble Bulletin
Top Stories

Bernanke's Last War : When Cash & Rate Cuts
do no longer reach the real economy
(Anna Schwarz)

Is it Recession or Depression?
How Deep, How Long?

Expect hyperinflation when
money velocity starts to accelerate

Searching for Returns
in a Zero Interest Rate World

A Crisis of Global Statism

  "New World order"
Financiële Crisis is voorwendsel
voor Fascistoide Wereldregering.

Asset Bubbles

Debt is NOT the Path to Prosperity :

More Long-term Stats at BusinessWeek

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  Sourse: BIS - The Future of Public Debt.


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