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Mr Bernanke and Mr Trichet,
Please read this:
Your Rate Cuts & Cash Injections
do no longer reach the real economy ! ! !

We now hear almost every day that banks will not lend to each other, or will do so only at punitive interest rates. Credit spreads -- the difference between the government cost to borrow and what private-sector borrowers must pay -- are at historic highs. Ms. Anna Schwartz, co-author with Milton Friedman of "A Monetary History of the United States" explains that this is not due to a lack of money available to lend,  but to a lack of faith in the ability of borrowers to repay their debts.

"The Fed has gone about as if the problem is a shortage of liquidity. That is not the basic problem. The basic problem for the markets is the uncertainty if the balance sheets of financial firms are credible."   Ms. Schwartz here provides the evidence how to restore interbank trust and how to avoid the present financial crisis from develloping in a full blown depression. 


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RGE monitor (Roubini)
Edelmetaal Info
Financieel Dagblad

Bursting Bubble Bulletin
Top Stories

Bernanke's Last War : When Cash & Rate Cuts
do no longer reach the real economy
(Anna Schwarz)

Is it Recession or Depression?
How Deep, How Long?

Expect hyperinflation when
money velocity starts to accelerate

Searching for Returns
in a Zero Interest Rate World

A Crisis of Global Statism


"New World order"
Financiële Crisis is voorwendsel
voor Fascistoide Wereldregering.

Asset Bubbles

Debt is NOT the Path to Prosperity :

More Long-term Stats at BusinessWeek

Central Banks Interest rates
Latest chart Updates: see

Baltic Dry Index (BDI)
The BDI averages prices for chartering commodity cargo. As demand for shipping cargo directly varies with the commodity trading volume
and the supply of cargo capacity is highly inelastic in the short run, the BDI is generally seen as an excellent and highly sensitive
leading indicator of economic activity and growth.

Monetary Policy 

   ECB      FED    US Shadow Stats


us money supply m2 m3
Source :  Shadowstats

Public Finances
Source: Public Finances OECD countries (xls)
Public Spending, Tax Reciepts, Deficits, Public Debt, Interest payments...


Source: IMF Fiscal Monitor Sept 2011

  Sourse: BIS - The Future of Public Debt.


  Trade, Foreign balances OECD countries, Competitiveness, (xls)
  Trade & Current account, Household wealth and indebtedness...

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